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A 25 week challenge - May to October

The same road by
10,000 different steps!

Inspired by the school’s motto "The same road by different steps", Friends of Shapwick has put together a 25 week challenge to get the students moving and raise money to replace our aging AstroTurf.


This 25 week challenge "The same road by 10 000 different steps!" started 1st May with all students participating in different activities cumulating 10,000 steps a week.

1000 Different Steps a Day – 10 weeks
Walk it. Jog it. Dance it. Do it your way. Do it a different way!
A fun way to walk, we change every day: walk backward, walk sideways, walk in a team where one is blindfolded etc. This engagement from the whole school will help FOS to apply for grants promoting health and sports to get a new AstroTurf.
Each house has a visual thermometer chart, PE teachers log students steps and extra steps can be logged by any adult (parents, house parents, staff). There’s a link above and one on the school's website so it’s easy to do from anywhere. Using the thermometer charts meets the School Games Mark as it develops competition across the school.

5th July - Sports Day Walk 
Different Steps School Challenge

Prize Giving
Winning House will be announced 

10,000 Unusual Steps - 8 weeks holiday
During the holidays, students who discover different views whilst walking can send pictures in and we will put together a big board for back to school and prepare a calendar to be sold at Christmas.

10,000 Different Steps a Day! - Benji’s Camino de Santiago Walk
Benjamin S. Martin is going to walk more than 10 000 different steps a day on the Way of Saint James to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. His parents have set up a fundraising going directly to Friends of Shapwick, which we will promote within the school and the community.

The 10,000 Different Steps Challenge will continue from September until mid-October and will end with a big event:


10,000 steps for £10,000

Our goal is to raise the money needed for the school to get the new AstroTurf, we hope you can help us reach that goal!

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