Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct binds both committee and non-committee members of Friends of Shapwick  (FOS). These guidelines describe the basic expectations for behaviour and the importance for all members to conduct themselves professionally and ethically, and will run alongside our constitution, which is a legally binding document.  In order for FOS to function successfully it is essential that all members agree tofollow these guidelines while in acting  association with FOS.


The Code

  • Any parent or guardian of a pupil attending Shapwick School and all members of school staff are deemed to be members of FOS, with the vested interest in enhancing the School for all pupils.


  • All work done on behalf of FOS is voluntary and is done for no personal gain. 


  • All members will act in the best interest of FOS and the School.


  • All members will be encouraged to make relevant and positive contributions to meetings they attend. 


  • All members have the rightto be heard and must respect each other’s opinions. In case too many members are speaking at the same time, the Chair will give the right to speak and others must wait their turn. 


  • All the members have the right to communicate together responsibly. Any matter relating to FOS should either be emailed to FOS or FOS should be copied on the email so we don’t lose record of discussions. Any matter relating to the School should be directed to the School office. 


  • The Secretary is the person managing the email account, receiving and sending out emails in the name of FOS. However, the Chair has access in case the Secretary is unavailable or incapacitated. 


  • The committee will work to the rules stated in their constitution.  As per the constitution, decisions will be made by a majority vote of the elected committee members.  The committee may consult with the wider membership, however the committee’s decision is final.


  • All members will respect the Committees decisions, even those that they do not personally agree with. 

  • All members must ensure that any material or discussionofa confidential nature, especially matters concerning individual staff, pupils or parents/guardians, is confined to the meeting, attended only by elected committee members.  Names will be blacked out of the meeting minutes, if necessary.

  • The committee should be made aware of any conflict of interest and the person involved should withdraw from any discussion pertaining to that subject.


  • All members must respect the School and personal property.


  • All paperwork and assets relating to FOS are the property of FOS, and not that of the individual. When leaving FOS’ committee a member should return any relevant paperwork or assets to FOS Committee. 


  • Should it be deemed by the committee that any member has disregarded this code or their actions have brought FOS or the School into disrepute, the committee has the right to exclude that member from future involvement.  The procedure for removal of a FOS member or FOS Committee Member is stated in the constitution.  


Adopted 20th April 2018

©2019 by Friends of Shapwick.